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Indian Wine Tourism

Wine Tours in India

Information on Wine Tours in India: providing on-line reservation /booking in Agriculture Tour locations on discounted tariff / price list/ packages , we will arrange air/rai/road transport for Eco-Tours and optional extension tours to other tourist desitinations in India.

Wineyards in India

Indian Wine

Wineyards in India

Indian wine industry is rapidly increasing and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 27 per cent from 2010 – 2012. Indian wine industry has emerged has the fasted growing market globally.

With a population of 1.12 billion, currently th consumption of wine is very low, indicating vast potential for future growth.  Beside low consumption the new western culture is giving a new turn to the wine consumption in India. The  Indian wine market is largely dominated by domestically produced wine such as by Grovers and Sulla. The sales of domestic wines will continue to dominate the Indian wine market over the coming years, but as the knowledge increases high growth will also be seen in the consumption of imported wine. The consumption of imported is increasing by around 30 per cent in the coming years.

The Indian wine industry / market is still not well grown. Currently we are manufacturing just over one million cases of wines in India and around 0.15 to 0.2 million cases of imported wines. The Indian wine  market is total of 2 per cent of the total alcohol industry. A lot need to be done in terms of education and awareness of wine in India.

Currently most of the wine imported in India are from France (40 percent); Itlay (15 per cent), Australia (12 percent). Other countries from wines are imported are Chile, USA, South Africa and New Zealand.

Upto 80 per cent of the wine consumed in India are at Major cities such as : Mumbai (39%), Delhi (23%). Bangalore (9%), Goa (9%);  and remaining 20 percent in rest of India. 

Indian Red Wine consumption is at 45 percent and white wine consumption is at 40 percent, 13 percent is sparkling wine and 2 percent is for Rose wine. 


Currently two big wine companies in India are Grover and Sula.   

Sula Vineyard :

Sula Vineyard VinotecaSula wines are produced with grapes harvested from Nasik and Dindori estate vineyards as well as from local contract farmers operating under the expert guidance of the Sula team.  Sula’s philosophy reiterates that good wine can only come from good grapes, and grapes can only be good as their terroir – the magical combination of geographical and climatic conditions – permits.

Sula vineyards are proud to present their new tasting room – India’s first, located right in their Nasik estate designed by Californian architects Andy Hope (of the stanford design school) and laurel roth, the 2000 sq. ft. tasting room boasts a blue mosaic balcony bar with a spectacular view of the vineyards and the surrounding lakes and hills.  the 34 feet bar itself runs continuously from the inner room to the open balcony and is softly lit by wine bottle lamps hanging from the ceiling.  More wine bottles glow alluringly from embedded backlit cases in the wood paneled wall, while a large window in the back offers a view directly into the winery’s operational bottling room. A large glass-sided display area showcasing sula t-shirts,  corkscrews, stemware and ice-buckets for sale complete the charm of the tasting room.  the tasting room is a great place around which to build a 1 or 2 day getaway. Knowledgeable wine-makers who are always on hand To answer questions about viticulture and wine-making process from grape to bottle.  you will also see proper steps to see, swirl, swift and sip wine.

Grover Vineyard :

Grover Vineyard IndiaOne of the famous Indian wine, Grover Wine binds the three generation grandfather, father and daughter. Located just 40 kms from Bangalore in the state of Karmnataka, that just got its attention to rest of the world.
The region offers travelers tranquil surroundings, a rich history beautiful vistas and allows them to train their binoculars over the spectacular bird watching, Bulbus, Blue Capped Rock Thrush, Tawny Eagles, Puff-throated Babblers etc. 

Grover is spread over 410 acres on the foothills of Nandi Hills. The company started with the Premium Indian wine industry and slowly transforming India’s reputation as a maker of exciting wines to a producer of world-class, award winning wines.

The vineyard are covered with lush grapes, covering every available space on the soil in the valley. It flourishes with Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

The best wine by the company is La Reserva – La Réserve has a powerful bouquet of luscious ripe red and black fruits with an exquisite hint of spice. It combines grace and splendor on the palate with chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla flavors. The finish is long, ample and almost magical. Today Grover follows the philosophy which is based on the belief that wine should bring out the most faithful expression of both its grape varietal as well as terrior.  

Wine Tourism

UDAY TOURS & TRAVEL specialises in Wine Tours in India over a decade. Wine Tours require advance planning and this is a pleasurable activity. At India Farm Tours.com we arrange travel for groups and well as individual who like to visit India and explore and learn Indian Wine Industry. With the team of experienced Oenologist and Sommelier we understand your need and requirements first and then suggest the best travel program for the same. Our experienced bi-lingual guides travel with the clients so they have best knowledgeable experience throughout the tour.

Our Itinerary for Wine Tours include : 

  • Visit of different Vineyards in India
  • Meet Owners or Decision makers at Vineyards
  • Exchange Ideas with Oenologist
  • Wine Tasting secession hosted by professional sommelier
  • Visit at Indian Research Institute
  • Meeting with Importers & Exporters
  • Agro Industry
  • Machinery units
  • Meeting & Interaction with Indian Wine Association members    

Other than this the itinerary will also have time for relaxation, sightseeing, shopping etc).

We at Uday Tours & Travel – Indiaagritours.com makes your travel pleasurable !! That’s why our Moto is
“Your Pleasure is our Business”

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